Ignite Curiosity and Explore Possibilities


At Chadwick’s Village School, we aim to ignite a lifelong love of learning, build a supportive community, and challenge children to grow intellectually and personally. Our K-6 students learn and develop essential foundational skills through a unique combination of challenging academics, exemplary character and self-discovery through experience — all guided and mentored by exceptional faculty members.

Curiosity and inquiry are encouraged as students learn to try things out, to form hypotheses, to collect evidence and to communicate their conclusions.  These skills are the foundation for the creative and critical thinking and problem-solving they will use throughout their formal education — and the rest of their lives.  

Our approach, combined with our exceptional faculty, help our students become thoughtful, inquisitive, confident learners who can encounter an unfamiliar situation and comprehend it, analyze it and figure out what action to take next.

Our students love learning

Village students are budding lifelong learners ready to absorb new ideas.

We help develop students who have learned to use their minds actively and enjoy the process, effort and challenge of learning. Openness to new experiences and differing viewpoints, and the desire to continue learning are the lasting benefits of this approach.


Social learning is central to our teaching

Our values are the foundation that guides social interaction.

Chadwick's core values -- compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility and fairness -- are embedded in the ethos of the Village. We teach and practice these values each day. We consciously apply them to all we do in our classrooms, and as a result, we see these values inform students' actions as well.


Well-roundedness starts early at Chadwick

Exploring new activities and passions helps build exemplary character.

Village School students are immersed in the wonders of science, languages, cultures, art, and the infinite realm of their imaginations. They develop their talents, practice empathy and acquire communication skills.