Think Deeply & Lead Boldly


As a Chadwick Upper School student, you’ll develop the skills, confidence, courage, character and compassion you need to achieve, lead and benefit society. You’ll master a rigorous curriculum and enjoy rich, co-curricular experiences that prepare you for an amazing future. You’ll learn who you are and how you might use your gifts to enrich the communities around you.

Upon graduation, you’ll be confident in your readiness for the next phase of your life. You’ll be eager to involve yourself in your college and university communities just as you did at Chadwick. You’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of expanded academic and intellectual opportunities, as you get ready to make significant contributions to the world.

The Chadwick learning environment is hands-on

You’ll enjoy projects and real-world applications across all subjects.

Throughout Chadwick’s Upper School, you’ll be immersed in science, technology, the arts and much more. Our academic approach fosters both critical and creative thinking and will prepare you for a world in which you’ll collaborate effectively and communicate clearly. Classes frequently blend subjects; for example, incorporating science and math into a social studies assignment, and culture and history into science.


Your peers will celebrate your success

Chadwick students enjoy closeness that fosters teamwork, friendly competition, and compassion.

Along with mentor teachers, academic advisers and college advisers, your fellow students and friends are a very important part of what makes up the Chadwick support network. This is an encouraging environment that helps you grow and succeed.


You'll Discover your strengths at Chadwick

Explore your options and make a commitment to something exciting.

Your Upper School experience involves getting out of your comfort zone — whether that’s trying new sports, theater arts, visual arts or a global citizenship or community service program. Your self-discovery is supported by the entire Chadwick community. Each student has gifts and talents yet to be discovered, brought out by opportunities available in the Upper School. What will yours be?



You'll be prepared for what's next

Cultivate self-discovery and seize new opportunities.

Your journey doesn't end with Chadwick, and the Upper School prepares you for your next adventure. The College Counseling Program guides Upper School students to build their sense of self and find the best college for themselves. In 2017, 93 Chadwick seniors received 422 offers of admission from 157 different colleges and universities. The possibilities are endless. In whatever path Chadwick students take, they continue to Think, Do and Lead long after they graduate from Chadwick.