Cultivate a Strong Mind & Character


Middle School is a time of transition, and your Chadwick Middle School student is ready to take on the world! Our students learn to leverage that energy and enthusiasm and experience it with open-mindedness and an ever-expanding understanding and respect for the diversity of the world around them.

The three main facets of the Chadwick mission — academic excellence, the development of exemplary character and self-discovery through experience — serve as the foundation of the Middle School program. Our core values of honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion help connect our middle-school students to build a value system that supports them.

We focus on developing valuable skills and habits

Middle School courses are designed to help students become more independent.

Chadwick’s Middle School students work to build the set of tools they will need to excel throughout the rest of their school years and beyond. In addition to acquiring new academic skills, they develop curiosity, perseverance, open-mindedness, the ability to communicate with accuracy and precision, and empathy.


Our teachers truly know their students

Exceptional teaching and mentoring starts with an understanding of students' needs.

Optimal class size and mentorship have much to do with our success. Teachers get to know each of their students, and students receive tremendous personalized attention. It’s a key to academic success and makes a real difference for Chadwick students, who feel comfortable contributing to the classroom discussion.


We help students move out of their comfort zone

Middle School is a time of intellectual expansion.

The examination of new ideas, exposure to new courses, discovery of new environments, and evolution of new talents all help students to develop a strong sense of self and of one’s place in the greater community. These years are a time of excitement, exploration, growth and change!