2017-2018 Tuition


Village School (Grades K-6): 


Middle School (Grades 7-8):


Upper School (Grades 9-12):



In addition to tuition, there is a one-time new student matriculation fee of $1,500. Other expenses may include transportation, textbooks, global travel, after-school care or co-curricular activities. Students are required to provide their own iPads for our 1:1 technology program in Grades 3-5; their own Mac laptop for Grades 6-8; and are required to bring a device of their choosing for Grades 9-12. Middle and Upper School students buy their books at a cost of approximately $500-$800. Overnight field trips and outdoor education trips, including the three-week senior expedition, are included in the tuition.


Affording a Chadwick School Education


Consistent with our strategic plan, mission and diversity statements, we are committed to providing opportunities for qualified, mission-appropriate students to attend Chadwick School without regard to their families’ financial circumstances. Chadwick has always been dedicated to enrolling a diverse student body that reflects a broad economic, cultural and ethnic mix. For the academic year 2017-2018, approximately $4 million in need-based financial aid has been committed to 18 percent of our students. Our financial aid program is designed to bridge the gap between what a family can contribute (based on a confidential and standardized needs analysis) and what it actually costs to attend Chadwick. It is our expectation that all families will participate financially in their child's education. All financial aid is awarded based on a family's demonstrated financial need.

In addition to tuition assistance, Chadwick devotes a part of its financial aid budget to assist families who demonstrate a financial need for supplemental support such as transportation, technology costs, textbooks, global travel, after-school care or co-curricular activities. Nearly 10 percent of the 2017–2018 financial aid budget is earmarked to cover these costs, enabling students to participate in all aspects of school life.

In addition to the school's financial aid program, Chadwick offers a select number of need- and merit-based scholarships through generous donations from the MacFarlane Family and Malone Foundation.

Chadwick offers financial aid on the basis of the documented need of the family and the availability of funds. Unfortunately, sometimes our requests for funds exceed the amount budgeted for financial aid. If you qualify for assistance but are not given an award and you then enroll your child, you may reapply for the following year; however, we cannot guarantee financial aid at that time.


Financial Aid Calendar


Understanding the Process


Like many independent schools, Chadwick School partners with School and Student Services by National Association of Independent Schools (SSS by NAIS) to process financial aid applications. Based on the financial information you provide in the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), SSS gives the financial aid committee an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. This estimate is a starting point to help the committee make fair and objective financial aid decisions. A limited amount of tuition assistance is available to kindergarten through 12th grade families with demonstrated financial need. Such need is defined as the difference between the school's tuition and fees and what the family can reasonably contribute. This assistance is intended as a supplement to family resources. The school maintains strict confidentiality of all financial information.

Both parents retain the obligation to contribute what they can afford to the education of their children, regardless of any divorce or other agreements stating otherwise. In a divorce situation, both the custodial and non-custodial parent must complete the PFS and submit the prior year's tax forms, with all supporting schedules and W-2 forms. If the custodial parent has remarried, Chadwick will also consider the assets of the stepparent, bearing in mind the obligations the stepparent might have to his or her own natural children. The cooperation of all parents is required.

Renewal of a financial aid award is based on proof of a family's continued financial need. New forms and tax returns, including all supporting schedules and W-2 forms, must be submitted each year.

If you have any questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact Jacquie Muniz, Director of Financial Aid, at (310) 377-1543 ext. 4029 or jmuniz@chadwickschool.org.