Chadwick School’s application period always begins one year in advance of a child’s anticipated entry.

The 2018-2019 online application deadline has passed. Under extenuating circumstances, late applications may be considered. If you believe this applies to you, please contact Judith Wolstan, Director of Admission, at (310) 377-1543, extension 4022.


Steps for Submitting Your Application


STEP ONE: Fill out and submit the online application.

Application fees are as follows: $125 for Grades K-4 (includes testing or evaluation fee); $125 for Grades 5-12 (testing fee additional, payable to the ERB for the ISEE), and $250 for international applications for all grades. I-20s will be requested for international students who are accepted and officially enrolled in the school.



STEP TWO: Complete all grade appropriate support documentation.

Please refer to the K-6 Application Checklist or the 7-12 Application Checklist to review details of the admission process and upcoming orientation events. All support documentation can be found within the online application site.


STEP THREE: Schedule interviews and testing.

Because we want to get to know our applicants and their families, and we want you to get to know us, Chadwick’s application process is comprised of a series of evaluations, visits and interviews. Once we have processed the application, we will begin scheduling each of these events. The process differs slightly at each grade level. Please see the bottom of the page for more information on interviews and testing or refer to the Application Checklist in Step Two.



Decision Dates


All decisions for admission to the 2018-2019 academic year will be mailed out to prospective families in March of 2018. These decisions will be mailed on March 9 for Grades 9-12 and on March 16 for Grades K-8.


Schedule Interviews & Testing