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At Chadwick School we’re like family. We care deeply about your child’s growth, happiness and success. For 80 years, parents have trusted us to help their children develop academic confidence and passion for learning. They know that when their sons and daughters are here at school, the important values they teach and live at home are supported and expanded.

We’ll give your child an educational experience that provides guidance and inspiration on a journey of discovery, intellectual development and character-building. We invite you to explore the opportunities we offer. Call us, send us an email, fill out our contact form and connect with us to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Chadwick!

  • During a three-week, 60-mile backpacking trip through the Sequoia National Forest  — one final stepping stone to adulthood before graduation — Chadwick School seniors uncover resolve and determination inside themselves to complete the expedition. For many, it is their first or longest time away from their parents, a trip many call the perfect preparation for college.

  • Learn about Chadwick School’s Global Programs, which give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures, become citizens of the world, grow their character and put their own lives in perspective. For more information on Global Programs, visit

  • Yale student Susan Wang discusses how she balanced her love and affinity for piano with the rigorous academic program at Chadwick School.

  • Chadwick School students in Palos Verdes, Calif., broaden their minds, expand their opportunities and form long-lasting connections with fellow students at their sister school, Chadwick International, in Songdo, South Korea.

  • Learn about Chadwick School’s commitment to helping students develop academic confidence and outstanding character through the voices of students, teachers, and faculty who guide, challenge, and inspire one another year over year. Apply today at

  • Here at Chadwick, you’re going to see kids talking to kids. If you walk in to our English classes, you’ll see kids sitting around in a circle and discussing literature. If you walk in a math class, they’ll be sitting in a pod working together. On a day-to-day basis, the teaching of those discussion skills and collaboration skills is awesome.

    Upper School Teacher
  • It’s easy to say, ‘Spend 15 minutes with your laptop looking for this or that.’ But for the humanities, most of our classes look like small seminar classes because, ultimately, we still want 15 people sitting around a circle and discussing a text. This is how students develop perspective, listening skills, empathy and their sense of selves.

    Middle School Teacher
  • I love my teachers for their creativity, knowledge, and humor. They know how to keep us students interested in the lesson.

    Village School Student
  • Character growth is a very important part of life at Chadwick. To me, school is an extension of our life at home, and we appreciate that the school spends so much time trying to instill the core values in our children. I see a difference in the social behavior of Chadwick students and our local neighborhood kids, and people often comment that the Chadwick students they meet are polite and well-spoken.

    Middle School Parent
  • When we attended one of the Chadwick open house sessions on campus, we were greeted by a couple of students, and were extremely impressed.  We knew that if our daughter could grow into a wonderful young person such as the students we met during the open house, we were in the right place.  We haven’t been disappointed.

    Upper School Parent
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